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How to Navigate OngadiBusiness Affiliate Dashboard

Welcome to the OngadiBusiness Affiliate Program! We’re thrilled to have you onboard. This guide will walk you through accessing your dashboard, understanding the metrics, and utilizing the available tools to optimize your earnings. By referring clients, you stand to earn a 5% commission on every successful sale.

1. Starting with Basics: Logging In

Visit the affiliate login page:

  • Enter your username and password.
  • Click the “Log In” button.
  • Forgot your password? Reset it here

2. Dashboard Metrics

Once logged in, you’ll be presented with your dashboard which has several metrics:

AFFILIATE LINKS: Your unique referral URL is here. Share this to earn commissions.

COMMISSIONS: View the commissions you’ve earned so far.

VISITS: Track the number of visits generated from your unique link.

CREATIVES: Grab graphics and embed links for promotional use.

PAYOUTS: Check your pending and completed payouts.

SETTINGS: Personalize your account details.

3. Understanding and Using Each Section


Your unique referral link is your primary tool. Copy this link and promote it on various platforms. Each time someone signs up using this link and makes a purchase, you earn!


You can monitor your earnings here. Remember, you receive 5% off every successful referral sale.


Here, track how many people clicked on your referral link. A high number of visits with low commissions? Consider revising your promotional strategy.


Enhance your promotional content using the provided graphics and embed links.


Monitor your payouts here. Know when to expect your hard-earned money.


Change passwords, update payment details, or modify any other account preferences here.

4. Promoting Your Affiliate Link on Social Media

4.1 Sharing your link

Copy your unique link from the AFFILIATE LINKS section.

Use captivating captions when posting, like “Check out this amazing service at OngadiBusiness! #AffiliateLink”.

Incorporate relevant hashtags to increase visibility.

4.2 Strategies for Earning on Social Platforms

Engage with Your Audience: Regularly respond to comments and messages.

Leverage Stories: Use Instagram, Snapchat, or Facebook stories for short-term promotions.

Collaborate: Partner with influencers or peers in your niche to cross-promote.

Educate: Host webinars or live sessions explaining OngadiBusiness services and how they benefit users.

5. Getting Started

If you haven’t registered yet, do it at

Most importantly

Before diving into promotions, ensure you’ve read and understood our [Terms and Conditions]

Need assistance?

Reach out to us at []. We’re here to help. Wishing you success with OngadiBusiness!

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