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Step-by-Step Guide On How to Earn Ksh 38,000/Month Using OngadiBusiness Affiliate Program

As the digital economy continues to expand, the OngadiBusiness Affiliate Program emerges as a lucrative opportunity for aspiring affiliate marketers. A cherry on top, the program welcomes new members with an enticing Ksh 3,500 bonus. This innovative platform is not just about earning money through commissions; it’s also about reaping additional rewards and bonuses. The better news is, you could be pocketing up to Ksh 38,000 each month with this program. Let’s delve into the details.

Getting to Know OngadiBusiness

OngadiBusiness is a well-structured platform with three diverse plans designed to meet different financial capabilities and preferences. These include the Baby Bear Plan, Mama Bear Plan, and Papa Bear Plan, costing Ksh 17,999, Ksh 24,999, and Ksh 28,999, respectively. Each package is designed to provide distinct benefits that help entrepreneurs on their path to success.

Becoming an OngadiBusiness Affiliate

To sign up for the OngadiBusiness Affiliate Program, navigate to the affiliate registration page at The registration process is smooth and easy to navigate. Once you fill in the necessary information, you’re well on your journey to becoming an affiliate.

Generating Income through Referrals

After successful registration, your primary role as an affiliate will be to refer potential clients to OngadiBusiness. With each successful referral leading to a purchase, you are awarded a 5% commission. Depending on the plan your referral selects, you could make anywhere between Ksh 899.95 and Ksh 1,449.95 per sale. Consider the possibility of referring over 20 individuals a month; your potential earnings can easily climb to Ksh 38,000.

Bonus – A Sweet Surprise

One of the delightful features of the OngadiBusiness Affiliate Program is the bonus scheme. These bonuses can notably enhance your earnings. Though the specifics may vary, they often encompass extras like increased commission rates for hitting specific sales goals, promotional competitions, or referral bonuses. Keep your eyes peeled for these bonuses and make sure to grab them as they arise.

Strategies to Boost Earnings

For maximizing earnings, you need to deploy effective marketing strategies. Harness the power of social media platforms, blogs, and email marketing in this digital age. Ensure you leverage your network, convey the advantages of the OngadiBusiness plans persuasively, and stay connected with potential clients.

In essence, the OngadiBusiness Affiliate Program is an exceptional platform for those keen on earning a substantial income online. With a rich commission structure, a variety of business plans to promote, and an array of bonuses, the potential to earn Ksh 38,000 a month is not just a dream. Your path to financial freedom might very well begin with a simple registration. Why not seize this opportunity?

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