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Terms of Use for Ongadi Studios Website

Effective Date: 6/24/2023

Welcome to the Ongadi Studios website! Before delving into our creative realms, we kindly ask you to read and comprehend the following terms of use thoroughly. These terms oversee your interaction with our website and delineate both your rights and obligations as a user. By accessing or engaging with the Ongadi Studios website, you demonstrate your commitment to adhere to these terms. If any segment of these terms is not in alignment with your preferences, we respectfully ask that you abstain from using our website.

Acceptance of Terms

By navigating or utilizing the Ongadi Studios website, you confirm that you have perused, comprehended, and consented to be subject to these terms of use, as well as any supplementary terms that may be applicable to certain services or functionalities featured on our website. If you are representing an organization while interacting with the website, you hereby affirm that you possess the requisite authority to commit the organization to these terms.

Services Provided

Ongadi Studios stands as a beacon in the fields of web development, software creation, and graphic design. Our digital platform details our array of services, flaunts our distinguished portfolio, and supplies resources pertinent to web development, software crafting, and graphic design. The data and materials presented on our website serve informational purposes solely and should not be mistaken for professional counsel. We assert the right to alter, pause, or cease any component of our website or services without prior notification.

Intellectual Property

All content, emblems, logos, and additional intellectual property exhibited on the Ongadi Studios website are the assets of Ongadi Studios or their respective proprietors. Unauthorized usage, duplication, alteration, dissemination, or transmission of any content featured on our website is strictly prohibited without securing consent in writing from us or the relevant proprietors.

User Responsibilities

In your journey through the Ongadi Studios website, you pledge to:

  • Furnish precise and current data during sign-up processes or as solicited by the website.
  • Engage with the website and its offerings in full compliance with all relevant laws and regulations.
  • Honor the intellectual property entitlements of Ongadi Studios and any third parties.
  • Avoid any conduct that could potentially impede the website’s operational integrity or jeopardize its security.
  • Forgo utilizing the website for any illicit, detrimental, or unsuitable endeavors.

Third-Party Websites and Content

Links directing to third-party websites may populate the Ongadi Studios website for your navigational ease. Our sphere of influence does not extend to these external sites, their content, or their policies regarding privacy. Your recognition and concurrence are essential, acknowledging that we are not accountable for any detriment or loss resulting from your interaction with these third-party entities.

Limitation of Liability

Within the confines permitted by pertinent law, Ongadi Studios, along with its affiliates, personnel, directors, and agents, disclaims liability for any direct, indirect, incidental, consequential, or punitive damages emerging from or related to your engagement with the Ongadi Studios website or any services offered therein.


You consent to indemnify and preserve the integrity of Ongadi Studios, its affiliates, workforce, directors, and agents, safeguarding against any assertions, damages, losses, liabilities, costs, or expenditures stemming from or related to your interaction with the Ongadi Studios website, any breach of these terms, or any infringement of third-party rights.

Governing Law and Jurisdiction

The laws of Kenya will direct and interpret these terms of use. Exclusive jurisdiction over any disputes arising from or related to these terms is vested in the courts of Kenya.

Contact Information

For any inquiries, apprehensions, or input regarding these terms of use or the Ongadi Studios website, please connect with us at or ring us at +254727710057.

We appreciate your attention to these terms of use and wish you an inspiring journey through the Ongadi Studios website!

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